Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

(With thanks to Sport and Recreation)

In sport safeguarding vulnerable adults has often featured as an ‘add on’ to any work that is focussed on safeguarding children. Whilst this may have advantages in terms of procedures and systems, it has not led to effective safeguarding of vulnerable adults and is therefore not appropriate.

Any organisation working with vulnerable adults should have in place appropriate policies and procedures. However organisations also need to put into practice the policies, train and educate people to ensure vulnerable adults are safeguarded and have a positive experience of their chosen sport.

It is not possible to use your safeguarding children’s policy because an adult may choose not to act at all to protect themselves and only in extreme circumstances will the law intervene.

You should be able to explain and understand:

    • Who are defined as vulnerable adults in your sport?
    • How to safeguard vulnerable adults appropriately.
    • What legal obligations you have in order to safeguard vulnerable adults.

Please find below links to several documents created by Sport & Recreation in partnership with the Steering Group for Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults in Sport.