About the BKFA

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What is the BKFA ?
For many years, various members of the kite flying community had discussed the possibility of, and need for, a representative body for all kite fliers. Whilst there are several excellent organisations speaking for particular groups or providing specific services within kiting, there was no single body that represented us all. A number of meetings open to all members of the kite flying community were held in late 2003 and the outcome was an agreement to form the British Kite Flying Association. This was subsequently ratified at a meeting in May 2004, and the BKFA came into being.

What are Our Aims ?

The main aims of the BKFA are:

  • To be an elected representative body to unify all aspects of British kite flying for the whole of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
  • To achieve national recognition as a body representing all codes of kite flying and to work with regulatory bodies and organisations to ensure that the interests of all kite fliers are represented.
  • To work with all other clubs, societies and associations throughout the UK to further the sport and pastime of kite flying.
  • To promote safe flying and to provide model codes for health and safety for clubs and kite fliers to adopt.
  • To promote and raise awareness of all kite events throughout the United Kingdom.

How can I join ?

BKFA is an association of clubs.  If you are a member of an affiliated club, you are represented on the BKFA. If your club is not a member of BKFA you may want to encourage your committee to consider joining.

How does it operate ?

Affiliated clubs send representatives to sit on the BKFA Council. The number of representatives is proportional to the size of the club, although there is a limit which prevents large clubs dominating the Council. Each year at the AGM, council members elect the BKFA officers and committee from amongst themselves by secret ballot.

What does it cost ?

Ideally we would like to have free membership, but we do need some money to keep the Association going. We aim to keep the running costs as low as possible by using electronic media whenever possible, meeting kite fliers at events throughout the UK and raising funds for specific projects rather than drawing out of association funds. Our basic running costs are met by fees charged to affiliated clubs. This is kept constantly under review.

Chairman’s Welcome: more about the BKFA

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