BKFA Insurance

BKFA arranges its insurance through Howden Group UK Ltd who took over Perkins Slade in 2015. The policies were negotiated through Perkins Slade, a broker recommended by Sport & Recreation Alliance and are underwritten by Hiscox. BKFA is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and as such, insurance is only available as a benefit of membership of the BKFA or its member clubs.

The principal policy provides third party liability cover (as well as a number of other protections) to a club, its officers and members. The second is called Club Affiliated Independent Flyer (CAIF) cover and provides for cover worldwide (except USA and Canada) at any time whether flying individually, at an organised event or in a group. The policies cover KAPing and bear dropping but not traction or power kiting, confirmed in this set of emails. We have added a small amount to the cost of cover to cover our administration costs.

CAIF cover for 2022 costs £12 per person including insurance premium tax. A summary of the charges is here. This document also includes the membership fees for clubs to join BKFA.

Club premiums are based on member numbers.

There are no discounts for family groups or children and cover is on a per person basis.

A letter outlining the arrangements for this year is here.

We have developed a document that describes the insured activities and this has been agreed by Howdens.  It is here.

An outline of the club policy is here with the CAIF policy here.

A copy of the insurance certificate will be provided via your club by email on receipt of payment of the premium.

All the relevant insurance documents for 2020 can be found by downloading this folder.

A letter for 2022 can be found here and a schedule here.