Risk Assessment

Kite equipment is perfectly safe when used in the correct way; however there may be hazards from the equipment and its use that must be addressed. The documents on this page offer a method risk assessment which has been developed specifically for kite flying. The Risk Register contains a comprehensive list of potential risks and the methods by which they can be mitigated. Instructions on how to use the register are contained in the notes document. Please click on the links below.

BKFA risk assessment notes
BKFA Risk Register v.3

Whilst the comprehensive assessment covers all aspects of kiteflying, the Shortform Risk Assessment highlights the key considerations when organising a kiteflying event. This is available as a PDF file. This document details the principal hazards and their controls for most common situations. Clubs may wish to use this template in preference to the more detailed risk assessment  above.

The template should be adapted to contain all relevant information – that given on the BKFA template should serve as a starting point.

In using this template, the individual who is responsible for implementing the control should be shown in the last column.

Before using this template, clubs must satisfy themselves that the assessment made and the controls put in place are appropriate in their particular circumstances.

Clubs must also include any site specific risks and their controls.

Click on the link below to open the document.

BKFA Shortform Risk Assessment